About Us

We started ColeTrain Designs in 2020 after years of dreaming about creating our own apparel and brand.

Being in a small town, there was no option locally for people to go to have their custom apparel made. Businesses and schools had to reach out elsewhere to get their stuff made. We decided that here and now was the perfect time to start this company. We wanted to make sure everyone was able to get their products faster and easier, all while boosting business and helping our small town thrive.

We also chose to make our own apparel to sell on our website to show our love and passion for the U.S. of A. Our love for our country runs deep and we know there are patriots out there like us who want to express their love through their clothing. 

We are Veteran owned and operated, and our mission is to make a difference in peoples lives by sticking to our core patriotic values. Teaching our children to follow their dreams all while standing up for their beliefs and giving back is the greatest thing we hope to accomplish here. 

We cannot wait to expand and put you, our customer, in the spotlight. 

We are you one stop apparel shop!